Sweet Freedom

Check out how we celebrated our SWEET FREEDOM


Red Bird tubs can be used to fill your stomach with delicious sweet treats OR serve the purpose of napkins & utensil holders!

DELIGHTED in an awesome meal, followed up with Piedmont Candy made in the USA was the perfect finish to Independence Day!

(Not to mention the candy matched our theme of Red, White, and Blue)

S W E E T  F R E E D O M

Here are some fun facts about our Nation’s Independence: 

1. The official vote declaring the independence of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain actually occurred on July 2, 1776

2. Fireworks were a part of observances from the very start of celebrating our Independence

3.Shooting fireworks was John Adams’ idea

4. Jefferson, Adams and Monroe died on July 4

Find these facts interesting? Check out:


for more facts and details!

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