Red Bird Peppermint Centerpiece


1 – 10″ Styrofoam wreath form

About 200 Red Bird Peppermint Puffs

(You can also incorporate multi-colored stripes of our Assorted Puffs like we have done here)

< 9″ diameter glass vase

1-7oz container Red Bird Peppermint Sticks

Translucent Glitter Spray


Glue the Red Bird Peppermint Puffs onto the wreath starting with a line from the inside to the outside and then wrapping around the circumference of the wreath, line by line, as tightly together as possible. Leave to dry according to glue directions. Spray wreath with glitter spray. Place vase in the center of the wreath and fill with Red Bird Peppermint sticks. You can also add fresh cranberries, pine clippings or other festive vase fillers to the Peppermint Sticks.


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